Hi, this is one of the most important lessons I try to develop. Why?, because I think is the beginning of a lyrical comping and guitar soloing. It is a lesson that provides a tool for the intermediate and advanced player to develop a linear comping with all the voices moving melodically while the sound of the chord is always present.

This concept for comping and also for solo improvisation is probably one of the most important approaches I use when playing. Is concise, really fluid, and lyrical. I said concisely because (As notated on the title of the lesson) note that the harmony of the chord/mode is always sounding. Basically the concept refers to play 3 notes in 3 consecutive strings, two of them are the 3rd and the 7th of the chord and the other one is an Available Tension (lets refer to the available tension like this: A.T). So, ¿what do I mean by saying available tension?, available tensions are the extensions of a chord that can be played in a tonal context (more specifically a Major or Minor tune). Is important to keep in mind that once you are familiar with the available tensions of the mode you know that the avoid notes can be played in a modal context and sounds really nice!.

To get the most out of it I recommend first to analyze each figure, try to play it as slow as possible following all the indications, you will see there is a logic on the direction of the phrase.

Analyze each figure, to comprehend the concept, keep the focus of what you are studying and once you know what is happening, transpose each figure (12 keys please!).

I hope this is useful and that you enjoy it.

Dig it.

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The lesson includes:
– A single PDF with a detailed explanation of the lesson with music sheet examples and graphics. Also I provide some exercises to develope this concept.
– A Private video link with me talking about the lesson and playing all the figures illustrated on the PDF at different tempos and also some examples applied in a musical context.
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